Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

21st Century Church

A major church project for 2018 is to make necessary improvements to the buildings and property.  We hope to obtain the money through refinancing our church mortgage (which members will vote on at the December 2017 Congregational Meeting).  This page contains documents describing the process for deciding what can be done, as well as ideas for each of the main components of the project.

The amount of refinance to be requested will be $225,000, which covers Allen House repairs, Admin Wing repairs, repayment of current mortgage, and a buffer for overruns/unexpected costs. The Board of Directors approved this ceiling amount for the refinance project. This is the amount you will be asked to vote on at the December 10 Congregational Meeting.

The Task Force working on this project wants your input!!  Feel free to contact any 21st Century Church task force member with your ideas (not everything can be done, but we're open to suggestions):