Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Allen House


  1. Repair crumbling masonry, roof, leaky windows, gaps
  2. Ensure it is accessible to all, regardless of physical ability.
  3. Making 4 usable, comfortable rooms for RE, Sangha, possible rentals ...
  4. Opening it up to the public as a showcase for the birthplace of liberal religion in Central Kentucky
  5. Put in a sidewalk/asphalt where the stepping-stone walkway is now between parking lot and ramp, giving fairly easy access across the parking lot.
  6. Pave a "pad" in front of the ramp for easier turns onto the ramp and better access from parking lot.
  7. Pave entire graveled area by the Allen House, and have handicapped parking there.
  8. Air condition AH - window units, central AC, switch to heat pump
  9. Elevator access to 2nd floor