Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY


Please Note: Staff hours may vary from now through January 1. Please call the office at 859-223-1448 to verify staff availability.

Refinance Motion Passed! The congregation approved the motion to refinance the church mortgage to borrow money for property repairs. The loan is expected to be finalized in February 2018, and projects should begin shortly thereafter. Completion of projects will depend upon various factors, including weather conditions. Many thanks to all of you who attended the Congregational Meeting and demonstrated that this church is worthy of the investment of our time, energy, and money. Updates will be available as plans are finalized. Feel free to contact the Board at board@uucl.org if you have questions at any time.

Give Away The Plate Ballots will be available in the Foyer through January 7. If you have not yet submitted one, please complete a form, voting for no more than 8 organizations to receive a Sunday offering in 2018, and drop it in the ballot box. 

Holley Bookstore will be open this Sunday, but closed for the following three Sundays. The regular schedule will resume Sunday, January 14. Contact: Rachel Wade-Harper, holleybookstore@gmail.com.

RE Volunteers Gratitude Tree! RE volunteers, please stop by the small tree in the Fellowship Hall to pick up your card and Thank You gift. Your time and energy are appreciated! 

The “Art of Hope” Exhibit will run until January 15, and we are still accepting more art! Thank you to our current artists: Amy Belvin, Pat Bennett, Gary Hansen, Judy Hower, Matt Reno, Barbara Steinrock, and Echo Joy Thorpe.

“30 Years Behind Bars” - a recently published book - is now available at the Lexington Public Library. The author is Gaye D. Holman, a Social Worker in Louisville who has taught in the State Prison System for many years. In the interests of Peace and Justice, many UUs may be interested in reading this important book. For more information, contact Donna Loeffler at donna54yogi@gmail.com

Give Away The Plate - UUCL collected $626.70 for NAMI in November. Our next collection will be on Christmas Eve for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.

UUCL is the home of Lexington Nia! In addition to the Tuesday 6:30 PM class, there will also be a regular Saturday 9:30 AM class beginning January 6. Nia is a grounded, cardio movement class for Body, Mind, and Spirit that lasts about one hour. Every Body is encouraged to leave your shoes and concerns at the door, quiet your mind, and be guided into the sensations of your body through Nia’s unique mix of martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Step in and experience the magic. There are special rates for UUCL members and new students! For more information contact Marie Conger at mccconger@gmail.com.

Wanted: Apartment for Rent  in New York City Manhattan Borough Chelsea Area for December 22 - December 29. House exchange is a possibility. Contact: Sharon Schilling, 859-492-9319.

Support UUCL when you shop at Kroger and Amazon! Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile and select UUCL as the organization you would like to support. Once you've enrolled, a percentage of your purchases will be donated to UUCL. Last year, UUCL collected over $2,000 in community reward donations.