Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY


As you enter our church foyer or Great Hall (sanctuary), you will often see that the walls brightened by one or more of several banners designed and made through the years by long-term member Barbara Steinrock.

The one that regularly hangs in the foyer is the official UUCL banner, and carried in the "banner parade" as part of each annual national General Assembly meeting. It represents our location, and belief in our growth, both personal and congregational, from the good roots planted by our founders.

The others, which are hung at times in the sanctuary, each represent a specific event in church history or one of the "four pillars" of church life. 

Four Pillars

According to our bylaws, the mission of our church is "to give expression to the liberal religious convictions and to serve the religious needs of its members and friends through worship, religious education (or exploration), fellowship, and service." These four aspects of church life were adopted in 1989-90 as the “Four Pillars” of our church life, and are represented by four of the banners that grace our Great Hall (sanctuary).

Wing and Star 
Religious Exploration
Acorn & Tree with Roots
People Dancing & Circle 
Hands & Heart 

Commemorative Banners

Here are two of the banners that commemorate a specific event in our church history.

40th Anniversary
Celebration, (1990)
Dedication of
Donated Grand Piano


Religious Exploration Banners

In addition to these commemorative banners, several smaller banners hang in our Great Hall.  These small banners represent our youth religious exploration classes.