Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Calendar and Upcoming Events

Church Calendar

The church keeps an online detailed calendar of what's going on at our church facilities.

Please keep in mind that not all events are posted on this calendar. Contact office@uucl.org if you would like a room reserved.

You can also check out our newsletters: the Weekly ENews and The Uniview which comes out quarterly. Please check out the announcements for volunteer opportunities and more.

Sunday Schedule

Sitting Medi​tation
Sundays, Allen House, 9:00 AM
Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Contact: meditation@uucl.org.

Sunday Sangha
Sundays, Allen House, 9:45 AM
A group-led adult Buddhist discussion hour. Contact: sangha@uucl.org.

Holley Bookstore    
Sundays, Fellowship Hall, 12:30 PM    
Selling books and fair trade items. Closed first Sundays. Contact: Rachel Wade-Harper, holleybookstore@gmail.com.

Sundays, Allen House, 1:00 PM
We promote the practice of Pagan and Earth-centered spirituality in a UU environment. All interested persons are welcome. Contact: lexcuups@uucl.org.

Recurring Events

Adult C​hoir           
Wednesdays, Great Hall, 6:30 PM
Like to sing? Join the UUCL Singers as they rehearse, discover new music, and have a blast! Contact: Sally McCord, music@uucl.org.

Tuesdays, Fellowship Hall, 6:30 PM  / Saturdays, Fellowship Hall, 9:30 AM
Combining dance, martial arts, and mindfulness, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life - body, mind, and soul. Nia is for every body and fitness level. Contact: Marie Conger, mccconger@gmail.com.

BlueGrass Zen
Thursdays, Great Hall, 6:30 PM
Zen for Real Life with David Parks. Exploration and transformation of life through meditation, koan practice, and community. Contact: dparkram@gmail.com.

Taoist Tai Chi 
Mondays, 11:00 AM & Wednesdays, 7:00 PM, Fellowship Hall
Visitors are welcome to come and observe at any time. UUCL does not provide information on programming and costs. Contact: Pat Griffin, taoisttaichilexington@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

OLLI Holiday Concert
Saturday, December 8, Calvary Baptist Church, 3:00 PM
Join the OLLI Chorus for their FREE Annual Holiday Concert.

RE Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
Sunday, December 9, Fellowship Hall, 10:00 AM
RE families are invited to attend to show our appreciation for our RE volunteers! Pancakes, fruit, and drinks are provided. Contact Stacey if you would like to bring a dish.

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, December 9, Great Hall, 12:30 PM
We will be voting on bylaw changes and the 2019 budget. Your participation in UUCL's democratic process is important. Please plan to attend.

Dances of Universal Peace
Sunday, December 9, Great Hall, 7:00 PM
Sing and dance the sacred phrases of the world's religions to raise consciousness and promote peace. The simple phrases and steps are easily accessible to anyone.

Men's Night Out
Tuesday, December 11, 7:00 PM
Contact Van Underwood for information.

UUCL History
Tuesday, December 11, Great Hall, 7:00 PM
Join Susan Cohn and Robert Brown for the story of the purchase of the UUCL property and the first decade of ownership here on Clays Mill Road. If you have pictures or stories to share, we hope to see you there. This will be a very informal gathering for all to enjoy as we prepare to celebrate 60 years of property ownership. 

Breakfast at the Catholic Action Center
Saturday, December 15, 1055 Industry Road, 8:00 AM
We provide, prepare, and serve breakfast. Contacts: Pat Lake, pal9972@gmail.com, or Marion Joseph, marionjoseph@sbcglobal.net.

Parents’ Night Out
Saturday, December 15, 6:00-9:00 PM
Parents deserve a break while kids have fun! Sponsored by the RE program, this event is free for church members and $10 for friends. Register in advance by Friday, Dec. 14 at noon.

OWL Parent Orientation
Sunday, December 16, Great Hall, 12:30-4:30 PM
This orientation is mandatory for parents of any 7th-9th graders who will be participating in the Our Whole Lives sexuality education Sunday afternoon classes beginning in January.

Celebrating Our World Special 2018 Finale
Sunday, December 16, Fellowship Hall, 6:00 PM
UUCL is inviting all of our guests from Morocco, Liberia, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo to join us for a dinner celebration. Our guests have shared their personal stories of life in their native countries, life in refugee camps, and journey and adapting to the US. We would like to show our appreciation by providing a thank you feast. Please bring a main dish or side dish, and assistance with setup and cleanup is also needed.

Citizens' Climate Lobby Meeting
Monday, December 17, 6:30 PM
Join us at Pivot Brewing to build support for non-partisan climate policy.

Yule Service and Soup Potluck
Friday, December 21, 5:30 PM
Please join us for a warming soup potluck directly before a centering Yule service. Yule reminds us that there is hope for a lighter future even amid the longest night. Come and fellowship with your beloved community and help welcome the sun yet again to the world.

Breakfast at the Catholic Action Center
Saturday, December 22, 1055 Industry Road, 8:00 AM
We provide, prepare, and serve breakfast. Contacts: Pat Lake, pal9972@gmail.com, or Marion Joseph, marionjoseph@sbcglobal.net.

Caroling Caravan
Sunday, December 23, 2:30 PM
Meet at UUCL and carpool to spread holiday cheer singing to area friends. A map of visits will be provided for drivers.

Candelight Service
Monday, December 24, 6:00 PM
Join us for our annual candlight Christmas Eve service. Families are welcome.

Women for Sobriety
Wednesday, January 2, Allen House, 7:00 PM
Bluegrass Chapter meetings are open to anyone who identifies as a woman and who is or wants to be free from alcohol dependency. Contact: Sarah, wfsbluegrass@iglou.comAll inquiries are confidential.

Humanist Forum
Thursday, January 3, Fellowship Hall, 7:00 PM
Promoting the use of rational inquiry and compassionate human interaction without supernatural considerations.

First Sunday Potluck
Sunday, January 5, Fellowship Hall, After Service
Please bring a hearty dish to share, and join us for fellowship this Sunday. This is a great time to meet people in the community. As always, visitors and newcomers are invited to be first in line! Contact: Lora Lee Clark, loralclark@aol.com

Holley Book Club
Sunday, January 5Purple Classroom, 1:30 PM 
All are welcome to attend our discussion. Stop by the Holley Bookstore to sign up for email updates or check out our blog at www.holleybookstore.wordpress.com, stop by the Bookstore, or contact Rachel Wade-Harper at 865-591-0696 or holleybookstore@gmail.com.

Men's Night Out
Tuesday, January 7, 7:00 PM
Contact Van Underwood for information.