Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Delegates to UUA Assemblies

Being a delegate for UUCL requires participation in the UUA General Assembly and the Mid-America Regional Assembly. Every congregation decides how to select member delegates and whether or not it will instruct delegates how to vote. All delegates must be voting members of the congregation as specified by the UUA. UUCL is authorized to have six ‘Lay’ Delegates at the assemblies. In an effort to ensure that the UUCL delegation is fully populated, the Board is issuing this policy to provide clear guidelines to all delegates and for the annual selection process of a ‘Lead Delegate’.

A Lead Delegate must express an absolute commitment that they will attend both the Region Assembly (usually held in April) and the UUA General Assembly (held in June). They will be responsible for educating the board and the congregation of any voting issues coming up at the regional or general assemblies and gathering input on how to represent UUCL. The Lead Delegate will also report back to the congregation on his/her experiences at both assemblies. Some financial assistance will be provided for the Lead Delegate.

Please review the guidelines and responsibilities of the UUCL delegates. Paper forms should be submitted to the UUCL office or to a Nominating Committee member.

Nominations for the 2019 meetings are due by November 4, 2018.