Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington

UUCL Is Now a Qualified Charity on EBay

Fundraising for our church can now be done via selling property as an e-bay listing. When you setup the listing, choose the tab ‘sell for charity’ and on the bottom or the listing item page type in Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington and your listing will become linked with our church account.

You can choose if all (or 100%) or any portion of the proceeds per the final bid will go directly to the UUCL’s bank account. And for the portion of the proceeds going to UUCL you save pro-rata on the EBay's insertion and final value fees. (See below for example from e-bay ‘giving works page’.)

Other than linking UUCL with your listing, you do nothing else out of the ordinary. Monies donated per your listing will be held by EBay and sent via wire transfer to UUCL’s bank account. Within thirty days, e-bay will mail to you the seller a receipt to use to support your tax deduction for charity.

When you create a listing with eBay Giving Works and that item sells, EBay will credit the insertion and final value fees back to you, equal to the percentage of the final sale price that you chose to donate.

The following is an example from the EBay giving works program.

Example A: Seller creates an auction-style listing for a camera on eBay and donates 30% of the final sale price to a nonprofit.

Description Amount
Starting price $  10.00
Insertion fee $    0.50
Final sale price $ 100.00
Shipping cost $  10.00
Final value fee on sale price, (9% of $100) $    9.00
Final value fee on shipping cost (9% of $10) $    0.90
Total basic seller fees $  10.40
Insertion fee credit to seller (30% of $0.50) ($   0.15)
Final value fee credit to seller (30% of $9.90) ($   2.97)

When you agree to donate proceeds to UUCL, the monies are transferred to the UUCL bank account automatically (There is nothing more for you to do). E-bay through its owned company ‘Mission Fish’ will send to you a tax document (by e-mail) supporting that your gave to a qualified charity.

If you experience problems with this site, please contact webmaster@uucl.org