Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington

UUCL Kroger Gift Cards

You shop and Kroger donates 4% of the money you spend back to UUCL!

We extend continued thanks to all who are using their UUCL Kroger rechargeable gift cards. The continued use of the card brings considerable funds to our church budget and costs nothing to the card user since Kroger is donating the money!

We are not asking anyone to shop at Kroger if they currently don't buy stuff there at all. If you do some grocery shopping, buy gas, prescriptions, or alcohol at Kroger, please consider the UUCL Kroger Gift Card.

Want to check to see how much you have loaded on your UUCL Kroger gift card, and hence how much you have helped UUCL through your purchases? Visit our Kroger Gift Card Tool.

Kroger Card A UUCL Kroger Gift Card
Easy to use and costs you nothing to use.
UUCL earns 4% of every dollar you spend.
Reloadable at customer service and checkout lanes.
Available at the Holley Bookstore
Can be used to buy groceries, gas, & almost anything else that Kroger sells. (see below)

Here is how this easy program works

Purchase a starting UUCL Kroger Card at the Holley Bookstore for $5. You now have $5 to spend at Kroger.

On your next trip to Kroger, go to Customer Service and have your card loaded with additional funds of up to $500.  You can pay for your "loading" by cash, check, credit card, or debit card.  At the time you have money loaded onto your card, Kroger donates 4% of the loaded amount back to UUCL. (For example if you have $100 loaded onto the card, you have the full $100 to spend at Kroger and Kroger will donate $4 to UUCL.)

If you load the card at Customer Service, it takes up to five minutes for the funds to be available for spending at check-out. Do your five minutes or more of shopping and at the check-out, swipe the card as you would with a credit or debit card. Your receipt will show the balance remaining.

As an alternative, you can have the card loaded when you checkout at the register, and the funds will be available immediately to use for payment. You must ask the cashier to do this before he or she scans your groceries.  You cannot load the card yourself at the self service check outs or the gas pump.  However, you may be able to get the attendant in these areas to load your card for you before you check out or pay for your gas.

You can have the card reloaded as often as you desire.

Things to remember

  • Write down the number of your card and put that number in a safe place. If your card is lost or stolen you may be able to recover most or all of the money you have loaded on it if you have the number.
  • The card will not "expire" from nonuse unless you run the balance down to $0 and don't use the card for a long period of time. If you aren't going to use the card for a while, just make sure that there is some money on it.
  • Whenever you make a purchase with your card, your receipt will show the balance remaining. When it gets low, have it reloaded.

Things you CAN buy with your Kroger Gift card, (and have UUCL get its 4%):

  • Kroger gas
  • Groceries and household items, (of course)
  • Prescriptions
  • Beer, wine, and hard liquor
  • Gift cards for other merchants. Here is a list of some that are available at most Kroger stores:
    J.C. Penneys, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, eBay, Applebee's, Lowes, Target,
    Starbucks, South West Airlines, many more..

There are very few things that Kroger sells that you CAN NOT buy with your Kroger card, including:

  • Postage stamps
  • Lottery tickets
  • Credit card gift cards
  • Western Union stuff
  • Another Krogergift card, (in any denomination).