Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY



UUCL's Music Director Sally McCord has been involved with UUCL since 2001, and a member since 2002. She has a broad range of musical skills and experiences, including a lifetime as a church musician, involvement with women’s choral groups, and many years as a self-employed soloist and music educator.

Enter, Rejoice, and Come In!

May your mind be open to new learning.
May your lips bring truth into the world.
May your heart know love,
And your hands do the work of justice
As you go your way in peace,
As you go your way in peace.

~ words from UUCL’s new children’s recessional, “Children’s Blessing,”
from the First UU Nashville Youth Choir with Jason Shelton

These simple words set to music sum up our mission statement here at UUCL. Every word we read, every thought that passes our minds, begins the process of discernment - if we let it. Every word we utter can have an impact, whether in the name of patience and kindness, or with harsh intent - our choice. Will we open our hearts to compassion as Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us, knowing that “understanding is the result of looking deeply?” Are our hands working hands? Are we engaged in the work we should be doing to make the world a better place?

If such big questions can come from such a simple song, where even the questions are blessings, imagine the profound experience we gain in even more complex musical thoughts. And this experience is impossible to confine. It hovers over us after making music, as surely as the air is vibrating, even though the sound has faded away.

Making music together is a force we underestimate. We make a profound statement simply by coming together to make music as a community of religious progressives. Is it possible that we could generate enough powerful, literally “good” vibes, that we could make some change for good? I think it is possible, through community engagement, by growing as agents of change, and by feeling strong in the safety net of a music ensemble where we are accepted and loved for who we are. We are able to communicate some of these ideals simply by our existence as an ensemble. And we want to spread this rich feeling of love for humanity through music.

In music, and so in life, the fugal line connects one to the other, like the kinetic, electric energy of hands holding at the end of our services, so that we are augmented to face a world of challenges that needs us to keep our hearts open to love, to teach our children to work hard for change. When we sing and make music together, this energy is passed around from one to another. Long after the Plagel cadence brings us to a peaceful Amen, after the scalar ascendance to heights we are striving for is followed by the intricate, half-step movement of resolution, when the intervallic leaps and harmonies of the morning have stopped at the end of the service, we carry with us the life force of breath to do the good work of our church.

Come join the Music Program at UUCL. We are musicians of many genres and skill levels. There is a place for you here. We believe strongly in the good work of UUCL and want to actively participate in it and take it into the streets. Music can be our vehicle as agents of change. Come make a difference.

--Sally McCord, Music Director at UUCL