Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Our Grounds & Historic Buildings

Our grounds are beautiful! We own 7.5 acres of serenity nestled within the hubbub of urban Lexington. We have tried to keep our space true to the native Kentucky environment. Over the years we have planted at least 2 of every native tree species in the state. Oaks, chestnuts, maples and fir all grace our grounds.


Part of our land has been set aside as a Memorial Garden to honor those departed.

The history of our property is closely linked to the history of Lexington. The grounds were once part of the Richard Allen estate. Mr. Allen moved to Lexington in search of religious freedom.

The Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory states the following:

...Richard Allen is important because he began a non-denominational church at a time and in an area when and where most Christians worshiped within a body of strict rules and specific creeds. Allen's notion that any Christian should be free to express an interpretation was unheard of and not tolerated.