Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Property Projects

Property Involves Everyone – How You Can Help

What can your group, or you as an individual, do to help maintain the building and grounds of UUCL? The Property Council has listed some of the most important maintenance projects that can be done by members. We ask that your group, or you as an individual, sign on to one. 

Here are the top 5 current projects that can be completed by UUCL members. As these are completed the list will be updated with more opportunities.

  1. Paint air conditioning ducts on building roof. Involves climbing ladder and walking on flat roof. 1-2 individuals.
  2. Specify, buy and install door seals and sweeps. 1-2 individuals.
  3. Repair, paint and organize tool storage shed. Identify what needs to be done, cost, bring proposal and complete the work. Group project.
  4. Wash windows in Great Hall, Fellowship Hall and Classroom wing. Group project.
  5. Trim and remove low hanging tree limbs throughout the site. Group project.

If you are head of a group, discuss with your members which activity you feel that your group can accomplish. Or if you are an individual and you see something that you can do, let us know. Projects are filled on a first-come basis.

Contact Rick Hall (richardhall@twc.com) to say “Property Involves Everyone and we’re in,” and the appropriate Project Coordinator will work with you to accomplish the task. Thanks in advance!