Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

Safe Congregation Policy

The goal of the Safe Congregation Policy is to be comprehensive, covering everything from building and fire safety, staff & volunteer screening/training, incident reporting procedures, to best practices in working with children, youth and adults. For years, UUCL has had a "Child and Youth Protection Policy," pertaining mainly to RE class precautions. We are constantly striving to create the safest, loving place for our families.

After having reviewed various documents and letters regarding whether registered sex offenders should be able to attend UUCL, and after much discussion, the UUCL Board of Directors voted unanimously to institute a policy as part of our this ongoing Safe Congregation policymaking process. This policy requires registered sex offenders to sign a "Limited Access Agreement," or LAA, which will enable them to attend Sunday services and participate in church groups and activities while ensuring that they are supervised and that they do not have contact with children or youth. The use of such an agreement is recommended by the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the details of UUCL's LAA are based on their recommendations as well as on Kentucky state law and advice from our insurance company and our attorney.

The Board also voted unanimously to empower the Safe Congregation Task Force to oversee the application of the policy in each individual case where it is needed. The Task Force cannot delete any restrictions from the basic LAA, but they can add extra restrictions if they feel it is warranted in any particular case. The new policy, the basic LAA, and the documents and letters which the Board reviewed to come to its decisions are included in the August Board meeting's minutes, and anyone wishing to read them can email office@uucl.org to request a copy.