Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY


A Message about Stewardship

Why is your pledge important? Why do we ask for financial contributions from our members and friends? Why are we asking to increase the 2019 budget, and what did we achieve with the 2018 budget increase? Our theme this year is Building Community, and we hope to both build the strength of our UUCL community and to increase our outreach to the larger community of which we are a part.

Your pledge is important because the UUCL operating budget is 100% member funded. We do not receive financial support from the national Unitarian Universalist Association, nor from any state or regional UUA groups. Our church relies on its people and financial resources to remain a vital part of our members’ lives and the life of our community as a beacon of light for liberal, progressive religion and values in Central Kentucky.

In 2019, we ask you all (members and friends) to raise participation, dig a bit deeper and, as you are able, increase your annual pledge by 5-10%.  Our operating budget goal is $265,000, with a stretch goal of $300,000.

Your financial support of this ministry is critical to carrying out the priorities our community has agreed are important. Please pledge now.

In 2018, your generous contributions allowed UUCL to:

  • Establish budget lines for Board-approved programs (including Leadership Development, Interfaith Outreach, Denominational Affairs, and others deemed worthy of long-term involvement).
  • Successfully refinance our mortgage and complete extensive renovations to the Allen House and the Church building.
  • Create a reserve fund for building repairs and equipment replacement.
  • Provide much-needed raises to staff.
  • Establish funding for leadership training for members.
  • Fund Beloved Conversations, a curriculum for exploring the role of race/ethnicity in individual and congregational lives to be offered in 2019.
  • Increase the UUCL annual contribution to the UUA (though we are not yet at ‘Fair Share’ levels).

Delivering against our 2019 operating budget goal would enable us to:

  • Increase our congregational and member involvement in social justice initiatives.
  • Create an AIM committee—Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry.
  • Explore ways in which we can support Immigration and Refugee support.
  • Continue to increase our contribution to UUA, getting closer to becoming a Fair Share congregation which would make us eligible for additional UUA programming and support.
  • Continue to invest in our dedicated staff by strengthening salary and benefits and providing additional training and professional development opportunities.
  • Begin the process of supporting a ministerial internship.

Reaching our stretch goal would allow UUCL to:

  • Increase our social justice budget to a more meaningful level that will allow for more impactful activities in the community.
  • Provide additional support to Religious Education by hiring an assistant DRE.
  • Provide financial support for the planned all-church retreat in the summer of 2019 to make it more affordable for members.

We encourage everyone, members and friends, to support UUCL in 2019 with a personal pledge. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference. What’s important is that you participate and pledge as you are able. Help us build our internal community and increase our outreach outside UUCL for liberal, progressive religion and values in Central Kentucky.

Pledge online now or pick up a pledge card before or after Sunday service at the Stewardship table in the foyer. View the UUA Fair Share Contributions Guidelines. Sign up for Auto Debit/ACH payment or PayPal payment.

Key dates:

  • Oct. 7: Stewardship Sunday and kick-off lunch
  • Nov. 4:  Campaign close and celebration

Thank you for your support of UUCL. Please reach out with questions to the Stewardship Committee: Mary Miller (marykrautt@gmail.com), Laura Papero (laurapapero@gmail.com), Liz Caras (lizcaras1@gmail.com), and Chris LoBue (duelist@gmail.com).