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Pre/K: Ages 3-5K+ (Preschool and kindergarten)
The Studio Approach: 1st through 8th grades
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Our Director of Religious Exploration (DRE), Stacey Stone

UUCL hosts a religious exploration based on the “Workshop Rotation” model. We remodeled the classrooms to reflect the energy and vitality of this new program. In our Studio approach we have an Art studio, Mind/Body/Spirit center, Drama & Life studio, and Mystery studio.

Each "semester" of the church year focuses on a theme. Our themes have included World Religions, Church History and Social Justice, UUism, Judaism and Christianity, Peace & Justice, Toolbox of Faith, and more.

Except for the special Sundays, the children are with the same age group every week. After spending about 15 minutes in the worship service, the groups follow their Guides and their color banner to the appropriate studio. It may sound confusing, but visually the children identify with the color banners and their matching lanyard name tags. In the weekly Order of Service, the age group and Studio location is listed.

  • 1st & 2nd grades - Orange
  • 3rd & 4th grades - Yellow
  • 5th & 6th grades - Green
  • 7th & 8th grades - Blue

In addition to regular classes, there will be a few special Sundays. On some of these Sundays, all children and youth in grades 1 through 8 meet together for a Youth Chapel. On others we have a special All-Ages Service and children and youth remain in the sanctuary for the entire service — for example, our youth chapel with music and Animal Blessing service.