Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington, KY

UUCL Awards

The Nominating Committee is currently accepting nominations for the Chuck Sohner and Silver Chalice Awards. Instructions for submitting nominations are found below.



Each year, UUCL honors a few amazing people who have contributed to our church and to society at large, through the Silver Chalice Award, the Chuck Sohner Award, and the Unsung Heroes Award.

  • The Silver Chalice Award – honoring two individuals who have significantly benefited the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington over an extended period of time.
  • The Chuck Sohner Award – honoring one individual who has significantly benefited society over an extended period of time.
  • The Unsung Hero Award – honoring individuals who have significantly benefited UUCL, but do not qualify for either of the other awards.

Nominees are gathered through suggestions by the UUCL congregation, with the Nominating Committee making the final decision.  All members of UUCL are eligible for the awards, but a person can receive each award only once.

You can submit nominations through our online form for Silver Chalice/Chuck Sohner  and the Unsung Hero awards. We also have a Silver Chalice/Chuck Sohner form suitable for downloading, printing and mailing/dropping off in the office.

The presentation of the Silver Chalice and Chuck Sohner awards is generally held during the month of May, while the Unsung Hero award is presented in November.

The Silver Chalice Award

1990 Joyce Markle
Robert Straus
1997 Larry Iaquinta
Kathy Taylor Thompson
2004 Patrick Buck
Howard Stovall
2011 Kim Browning
Ed Sergent
1991 Abby Marlatt
Howard & Bernice Beers
1998 Ruth Straus
Jerry Hutchins
2005 Bill Wagner
Carol Straus
2012 Eric Huffer
Eric Grulke
1992 Women’s Alliance 1999 David Rigsby
Marge Keller
2006 Ruby Layson
Kathy Cleary
2013 Marie Conger
Liz Caras
1993 Russell & Rae Brandt
Wayne & Shirley Davis
2000 Gilbert Friedell
Mary Crone
2007 Tom Schweri
Hendrika Pauley
2014 Bridget Bellocq
Linda Richardson
1994 Ginny Liddle 2001 Richard (Dick) Renfro
Mary Vass
2008 Shirley Dennis 2015 Remi Bellocq
David Miller
1995 Betsy Churchill
Ed Stodola
2002 Lora Lee Clark
Sharon Schilling
2009 Karen Griffin
Barbara Sherrod
2016 Rick Hall
Steve Stone
1996 Bernice Duncan
Esther Rigby
2003 Susan Stensrud
Susan Janecek
2010 Joe Anthony
Neil Carey
2017 Gary Bennett
Erika Emrick


The Chuck Sohner Award

2003 Chuck Sohner (posthumous) 2007 Susan Pollack 2011 Dick Renfro 2015 Debra Schweitzer
2004 Abby Marlatt 2008 Jennifer Crossen 2012 Kim Browning 2016 Linda Porter
2005 Mary Crone 2009 Martha Strossman 2013 Amy Byers Figgs 2017 Marion Joseph
2006 Gil Friedell 2010 Ruby Layson 2014 Kathy Cleary 2018  


The Unsung Hero Award

2014 Judith Finholm
Martin Herbener
Rebecca Mboge
Sharon Schilling
2015 Rick Hall
Worship Aesthetics Team: Pat Bennett, Susan Cohn, Shirley Dennis, Jeanie Hall, Hendrika Pauley