Religious Exploration Program for Children and Youth

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At Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington our goal is to have a Lifespan program. We are always learning and growing, no matter our age. This page is about our program for children and youth.  For adult religious education options, see Adult Programs

What Religious Exploration, (RE), Offers

We offer Religious Exploration, (or as some prefer, Religious Education), classes for children, youth and teens during the Sunday morning 11:00 am service. All children, youth and teens begin in the service and experience the church worship elements like singing hymns, lighting the chalice and community greeting. About 15 minutes after the start of the service the children are released to their RE studios. This class time allows for relationship building and hands-on experiences.

After RE is over, the children can be picked up at their Studio class (which will be listed in the Order of Service). You can also find the color Banner hanging outside the door. Preschool and Kindergarten need to be picked up downstairs. Be sure the Leader knows that the children have been picked up after class is over. High school and middle school youth may go when their classes are over.

High Schoolers often meet during the Sunday services in the Allen House (old brick building,) upstairs.

We encourage parents visiting with young children to meet their teachers, (Leaders and Guides), and accompany the children to the classroom area to ease in transition and increase comfort level. The Leaders & Guides like to meet the new families as well.

UUCL has a Child and Youth Protection Policy.  All of the leaders & guides have undergone a background check and have been active participants in our church for at least six months.  We are currently in the process of expanding and revising this policy into a broader Safe Congregation Policy

We have creative and interactive ideas for the months ahead. Thank you for your interest in Children's and Youth RE.  The children truly are our future. For more information about children's programming and activities, please check out the links below or contact me.

Yours on the journey,

Stacey Stone
Director of Religious Exploration

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Adult Religious Education.
A number of programs to encourage intellectual and spiritual development in adults are offered thru UUCL. Many are offered as interested personnel offer to teach. Special spiritual interest groups in the congregation are also likely to offer adult program opportunities.  For more details on Adult Spiritual Options.


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