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Recordings of  Some Sermons/Homilies from the Past 3 Years

Audio Recordings, (in reverse chronological order). 
Updated  5/22/2011.  All files after 9/06/2009 or before 1/04/2009, and some in between, are recently added. The files added today are marked as "new". 

Sermons from 2010 and 2011.

Mountains of Trouble, Mountains of Joy, 9/12/2010   Rev. Cynthia Cain

Sundown Towns and the Practice of Exclusion,  6/13/2010   Rev. Cynthia Cain New

Let Love Be My Legacy - UU Women, Past & Present,  5/09/2010  Rev. Cynthia Cain New
         (The last couple of minutes did not get recorded)

Poetry and Faith, 4/18/2010   Rev. Cynthia Cain

The Body's Memory,  3/21/2010 Rev. Cynthia Cain  New

True Love, 3/14/2010   Rev. Cynthia Cain

The Haunting Church, 3/07/2010   Rev. Cynthia Cain

Can Unitarian Universalists Help Create Peace on Earth?,  1/17/2010   Mr. Geoff Young


Sermons from 2009.

I Have a Dream, (Service Honoring Abby Marlatt) 12/13/2009   Ms. Stacey Stone, DRE

Peace of Family & Peace Among People, 12/06/2009   Rev. Cynthia Cain

The Gospel According to the Rolling Stones, 10/11/2009  Mr. Graham Shelby

Our Beloved Community, 9/20/2009   Mr. Eric Huffer

Labor Day Service, "A Reason NOT to Believe",  9/06/2009     Rev. Cynthia Cain

Water Service, 8/30/2009   Rev. Cynthia Cain

The No Hellers of Appalachia:  The Other "U" in "UU",  8/9/2009    Ms. Heather Carpenter

Social Infrastructure from a Buddhist Perspective,   6/21/2009  Mr. Don Blevins

In Search of Our Mother's Garden, 5/10/2009  Rev. Cynthia Cain with Others

Palm Sunday Service,  4/05/2009    Rev. Cynthia Cain

Family Systems in Genesis - Finding Reconciliation, 3/29/2009    Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison

Family Systems, Part 3:  Self, Family, & Society,  3/22/2009   Rev. Cynthia Cain

Family Systems, Part 2: How the Ancestors Live On, 3/15/2009  Rev. Cynthia Cain

Agape: Unconditional Love, 2/22/2009      Rev. Cynthia Cain

Friendship, 2/8/2009     Rev. Cynthia Cain 

Eros: Jung Love Revisited, 2/01/2009   Rev. Cynthia Cain

Inauguration Sermon, 1/25/2009    Rev. Cynthia Cain

Transitions,  1/04/2009    Rev. Cynthia Cain


Sermons from 2008.

Religion and the Environment, 11/30/2008    Jane Wilson Elder

It's Thanksgiving! Do You Know Where Your Gratitude Is?  11/23/2008   Rev. Cynthia Cain

How Will We Live Now?  All Wars Are Not Created Equal, 11/9/2008   Rev. Cynthia Cain

Coming Down to Earth,  10/12/2008  Rev. Cynthia Cain

From Decalogue to Decadence, 9/14/2008  Rev. Cynthia Cain

How Will We Live Now? Ethics for UUs, 9/7/2008  Rev. Cynthia Cain


Video Recording: 

Inauguration Sermon, 1/25/09

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